At Cascade Yoga in Bend, Oregon, Autopay and Month To Month Tuition members receive studio credit for referring friends and family to Cascade Yoga!

Please note that Referal Program on this page applies to the classes that I teach at Accelerated Fitness / The Yoga Loft, doing business as Cascade Yoga, LLC. If you wish to take my classes at Tula Movement Arts, please visit their website for pricing information. If you are confused about where classes are and how much they will cost, Request A Call Back From Me!

How It Works

  • When you refer a total of 5 friends or family members you get a studio credit of up to $10. You can earn this bonus every time you refer 5 new friends / family members to Cascade Yoga!
  • When any of the friends / family you referred sign up for their own tuition package, you get a studio credit of $5 – $15, depending on which package they choose
  • Studio Credits can be used toward your own tuition or private lessons. At this time, studio credits cannot be used for t-shirts or retail goods

This is a win-win for you: you get to practice with your friends and family and receive studio credit towards your own tuition and private lessons!

For more information, please ask me directly when you are in the studio!