Please keep in mind that we share the “Yoga Loft” studio space with others. These guidelines are meant to help everyone have a peaceful, clean and smoothly-run class experience! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Cascade Yoga ~ I am here to help!


Arrive 10 Minutes Early -- The Doors Are Locked During Class!
Practice Sauca (Cleanliness) and Avoid Fragrances
Wear Comfortable Exercise Clothing
Bring your own mat
Hydrate Before (& After) Class
Leave your shoes downstairs
Respect Multi-Use Facility and other Sessions in Progress
Tell The Teacher About Injuries or Other Changing Health Conditions
Pregnancy & Childbirth
Leave valuables at home
Inclement Weather Policy
Low Attendance Policy

Have Questions? Come in for a complimentary, no-obligation “Tea & Tour”! I would love to meet you and answer all of your questions!