Cascade Yoga Tuition Plans & Benefits

Member BenefitsCascade Yoga, in Bend, Oregon, offers monthly tuition plans to help you reach your goals of flexibility, movement and mindfulness through a yoga practice.

Please note that the Membership Information on this page applies to the classes that I teach at Accelerated Fitness / The Yoga Loft, doing business as Cascade Yoga, LLC. If you wish to take my classes at Tula Movement Arts, please visit their website for pricing and membership information. If you are confused about where classes are and how much they will cost, Request A Call Back From Me!

After you have completed a New Yoga Student Special, I will go over the tuition plan options that fit your lifestyle, busy schedule and budget with you personally. The information on the Cascade Yoga website is meant for general reference.

Autopay Monthly Tuition

Autopay monthly tuition is based on a 40 – week year that is divided into 12 monthly payments. Autopay tuition is based on your goal of taking 1, 2, or 3+ classes per week. Autopay tuition packages start at $45/month and go up, depending on your goals. Autopay packages can include private and mini-private lessons too.

This is our most flexible plan because the 40-week year assumes that I will take some vacation, you will take some vacation and a little bit of life will happen … and we’ve already planned for it in your tuition program!

You have to sign up for Autopay in person at the studio. Your autopay tuition will be charged automatically each month on the exact same day of the month. There is a 3 month minimum. After the 3 month minimum autopay renews automatically and is cancellable with 30 days’ advance notice.

For more information, please ask me for a copy of the Autopay Tuition Agreement when you are in the studio. If you haven’t been into the studio yet, please see the New Student Specials page.

Benefits of AutoPay:

  • Easy – Automatic payments make it easy to enjoy your yoga classes without the hassle of class cards, checking in and so forth
  • Lowest Price — Autopay rates are very competitive and are the best way to get the most out of your yoga classes
  • Referral Program Discounts: Autopay Members receive studio credit for referring 5 friends and when any of those 5 friends sign up for their own tuition package! Please ask me for details

Month To Month Tuition

If Autopay is not right for you, you can pay “a la carte” for tuition one month at a time at a slightly higher price. Month To Month Tuition is also based on your goal of coming to yoga class 1, 2 or 3+ times per week. When your one month of tuition is up, you can renew the next time you are in the studio. Month To Month Tuition starts at $55/month for one class per week. Month To Month cannot include private or mini-private lessons and Month To Month members do not get discounts on private lessons, workshops or special events.

Benefits of Month To Month Tuition:

  • No Commitment You can pay for one month at time when you are in the studio with no strings attached. However, I do not prorate Month To Month tuition, so you may end up paying for drop-ins around vacations and planned absences.
  • Referral Program Discounts: Month To Month Members receive studio credit for referring 5 friends and when any of those 5 friends sign up for their own tuition package! Please ask me for details.

If you have any questions about Tuition options at Cascade Yoga, please contact me by phone, email or in person at the studio.