Yoga Love ~ Cascade Yoga T-ShirtCascade Yoga is really super excited to offer custom logo t-shirts for you to buy online!

I am working with a company called CustomCat ( They specialize in online custom print orders and fulfillment.

I design the shirts, pick the colors, the t-shirt brands
and features, and CustomCat does the rest! (So, yes, this means if you have an idea for a Cascade Yoga t-shirt you can suggest one too! If you see a product on the CustomCat website you just have to have with a Cascade Yoga logo, I will see what I can do!)

When you order a t-shirt from the Cascade Yoga website, it will be custom printed for you and shipped directly to you by! Their fulfillment company is also called “MyLocker”, so you may see either one on your credit card statement.

CustomCat / MyLocker ~ Custom Fulfillment

Because everything is custom printed, the entire process takes about two weeks from when you order online until your t-shirts arrive at your house. Neither CustomCat nor Cascade Yoga have any inventory of these shirts & products on-hand; yours will be printed and shipped to you when you order it.

Because everything is custom printed on demand, changes to your order and refunds are not possible. Please make your selections carefully, and if you have any questions, please contact me by phone, email or in person. Once again, that means:

  • No Refunds
  • No Exchanges
  • No Order Changes

Everybody got that? Great!

Flat Rate Shipping ~ $4.99

To keep things simple, there is a flat-rate shipping charge of just $4.99 when you order one or more shirts online. So, yes, if you order with a local friend, you can save on shipping!

Cascade Yoga Selfie Bonus Program

Want your t-shirt to pay for itself? Check out the Cascade Yoga Selfie Bonus Program! I am so excited to see where Cascade Yoga t-shirts travel to!

Look! They’ve already been to the Sahara Desert!

Cascade Yoga visits The Sahara Desert!