Reach your goals of movement, focus and practice with Cascade Yoga in Bend, Oregon!

Yoga For Every Body!

Please note that Cascade Yoga in Bend, Oregon just started offering classes to the public in the fall of 2017.

This means that all of our classes are very small and you will get lots of individualized attention — no matter which class you come to or what your level is!


Chair ParvatasanaGentle Yoga classes follow the same beginner progression but at a slower pace and with more support. You will learn basic standing poses, seated poses, simple twists and the art of relaxation, in a gentle, supported yoga class environment.

Level 1: Beginners

Utthita Hasta PadasanaBeginners in any Cascade Yoga class will learn basic standing poses, seated poses, simple twists and the art of relaxation. At the beginner level, we ensure that everyone has a chance to attempt each pose, while still keeping the overall pace steady. Level 1 is appropriate for anyone new to yoga or resuming a yoga practice. For your reference, take a look at the suggested home practice sequence for members of the Level 1 class.


Level 2 – 3: Intermediate

Cascade Yoga: Level 2 - 3: GarudasanaWhen you are ready to take your yoga practice up a notch, I will move you on to inversions and intermediate – advanced poses, with support. Everyone will still be given a chance to attempt all poses before the class moves on. Level 2 – 3 incorporates yoga philosophy, pranayama and chanting, as well as support for developing or deepening your personal practice. Prerequisite: 6 months yoga practice in the Iyengar method, 1 year in other methods, or teacher permission, required.


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