Salute from Villa Beba in Castellina Chianti Italy. Wish you all were here!

Do you travel? Going on vacation? Don’t leave your yoga practice behind! Take Cascade Yoga’s travel yoga sequence and a Cascade Yoga T-shirt with you when you go off on your fabulous vacations, sabbaticals, retreats and treks. There may be a bonus waiting for you when you get back home!

The Catch: Get A Cascade Yoga T-shirt or Hoodie ~ Come talk to me about what I have in your size. If we have to order one, it takes about 2 Weeks, so plan ahead! Depending on availability and your current tuition plan, t-shirts and hoodies cost from free to $25.

The Fun Part: Bring your Cascade Yoga tit with you on your next trip & take a selfie in your Cascade Yoga t-shirt, near a recognizable monument or landscape. You don’t have to strike a yoga pose. To be honest, I would prefer to see your smiling face, your t-shirt and the monument!

Note: You, the member of our Cascade Yoga community, must be wearing the t-shirt, in the photo.

The Bonus: Send me the photo by email OR post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag it “@CascadeYogaBend”. I’ll give you a $10 studio credit towards monthly tuition or an upcoming workshop at Cascade Yoga in Bend!

Repeat! Yes! This program is still new and I would like to build a library of fun photos with you and your Cascade Yoga t-shirts around Central Oregon, around the state, country and world!

The Small Print As we build the library of Cascade Yoga Selfies, I reserve the right to limit bonuses in order to make the program fair and accessible to everyone at Cascade Yoga and to build a diverse library of locations & monuments.

If you have any questions, please call or email me .

Have a fun trip!

Cascade Yoga ~ Yoga Heart Ladies' T-shirt

Note: Due to inconsistencies in the online ordering process for one-a-time items, we are no longer offering online ordering for t-shirts and hoodies. Please come into the studio and see what we’ve got on hand and what we can get ordered in time for your trip!