Cascade Yoga T-Shirt / Selfie Bonus: The Swiss Alps!

Do you travel? Going on vacation? Don’t leave your yoga practice behind! Take Cascade Yoga’s travel yoga sequence and a Cascade Yoga T-shirt with you when you go off on your fabulous vacations, sabbaticals, retreats and treks. There may be a bonus waiting for you when you get back home!

The Catch: Buy A Cascade Yoga T-shirt Online ~ Remember it takes two weeks to get your t-shirt, so buy one now! You can order in the studio, but I wait for a minimum of 5 pieces before I place a group order.

The Fun Part: Bring it with you on your next trip & take a selfie in your Cascade Yoga t-shirt, near a recognizable monument or landscape. You don’t have to strike a yoga pose. To be honest, I would prefer to see your smiling face, your t-shirt and the monument!

The Bonus: Send me the photo by email OR post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag it “@CascadeYogaBend”. I’ll give you a $10 credit towards monthly tuition or an upcoming workshop at Cascade Yoga in Bend!

Repeat! Yes! This program is still new and I would like to build a library of fun photos with you and your Cascade Yoga t-shirts around Central Oregon, around the state, country and world!

The Small Print As we build the library of Cascade Yoga Selfies, I reserve the right to limit bonuses in order to make the program fair and accessible to everyone at Cascade Yoga and to build a diverse library of locations & monuments.

If you have any questions, please call or email me .

Have a fun trip!

Cascade Yoga ~ Yoga Heart Ladies' T-shirt