Yoga Removes Stiffness!

Yoga Can Remove Stiffness!
Yoga is for everyone — including everyone who is stiff! Anyone can have stiffness in their body, from lack of exercise or even from too much exercise, or from illness and other health issues.

A Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher can tailor classes for beginners and stiff people by moving you through a sequence of poses specifically chosen for stiffness, by breaking down the poses into beginner phases, modifying poses to include the use of props so that you can access the poses no matter how stiff you are, move your body, and get rid of that stiffness!

So, no more excuses. We know you’re stiff and we have a class ready and waiting for you. Come on in and get started!

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Yoga Can Help You Cultivate A Calm, Peaceful State of Mind!

Yoga Can Promote Peace of Mind and Calmness

I was pretty amazed when a friend said to me recently, “You really had a peaceful and calmness about you when we met up! Makes me realize how important yoga is!“.

In the Iyengar Yoga method, practicing yoga is about more than just performing yoga poses. A Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT) will also integrate yoga philosophy and history into your asana classes, along with a regular monthly routine of relaxation and guided breathing. As students progress, we also teach “Meditation In Action” where you learn to distribute your attention throughout your body and mind while you practice yoga. Even at the beginner level, we teach students how to soften their gaze, look inwards and not be disturbed by external stimuli. Taken altogether, as your practice grows, you will learn how to keep calm even amidst the chaos going on around you!

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