Jennifer Abrahams, RYT500Jennifer specializes in Hatha yoga and restorative yoga classes based on her training as an RYT 500 and also from her personal experience of 20 years of yoga practice.

In yoga class it is Jennifer’s mission to help you achieve your goals of deep relaxation in the body and mind by providing instructional cues founded on returning to a grounded sense of inner stillness.

Because Jennifer values deep and grounded stillness within, it is her vision that everyone who takes her Vinyasa and Restorative yoga classes experience a sense of symmetrical stability in the body and an inner state of steadiness of the mind. These qualities are then retained as much as possible as folks transition back into the world with a sense of renewed poise ready to meet what arises in the present moment with ease and grace.

You can visit Jennifer online and more learn about her yoga teaching and schedule at: